UI Styles 2022 that user will love.

  1.Unique Branding with illustration Custom illustrations 2D or 3D may be Hand made or Digital . Hand free illustration & customized one not only help your platform to be unique or Out of box but it create sociable & fascinating surrounding to make better user experience . With help of motions illustrations come to life make page to stand out . It easily captures user attention & easily understandable to user what company do at a very first glance . Unique illustrations make your platform memorable . 2.Custom cursor interactions-- To stand out your platform more just apply micro animation & flashy over interactions.We've seen all engaging & fancy interactions that encourage us to go through the whole website & what it offer , it also increase the conversion rate .one of the most trendy interaction is when clicked by cursor it create fun / unique result. Latest cursor interactions are- Swirl Cursor Effect,Flashlight Cursor Effect,D

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As a web designing , I have an experience of more than 4 years in web designing, and as it is an extremely important imperative component of graphics   for any creative website. It increases the utility as well to know HTML, HTML5,CSS, CSS3, wordpress, joomla   as this is the latest mark-up language and core technology of any latest website. You can find links/examples to few websites I have developed using appropriate styles.